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Comments: EDnet - Nova Scotia's Regional Education Network

Hi Gordon,

My wife and I will be travelling to Guisborough, Cleveland in the 
North East of England from July 8-30.

I'm writing you asking for any info ie butterfly houses in that area 
What species of butterfly or moth would one be on the look out for 
there that time of the summer.?
We may be doing a side trip to the LakeDistrict - would there be 
anything to be on the lookout for there.

I have corresponded with you in the past and you were very helpful 
with my inquiries. We live in Halifax , Nova scotia  Can.
I would appreciate any info that you could pass on to us as it would 
very helpful. 

Thanking you in advance.

Cheers ,
Derek Bridgehouse

PS. My grandmother was from Plymouth  and my grandfather from 
Weymouth and i myself have visited the south of england - it is truly 
beautiful country down where you are .
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