where are the glaucus?

Mark David Deering deering3 at pilot.msu.edu
Tue May 27 23:05:25 EDT 1997

To say the least it has been an odd spring in the midwest and near South. I
have had a hard time rubbing two scales together while I am out. this has
caused problems with my research, and now I turn to you for help.

I need to find sites that have high concentrations of P.glaucus for the
research that I am doing with Mark Scriber at Michigan State. I am looking for
sites that are in IN, MI, KY and OH. I am hoping that some of the folks here in
the states that have seen areas that may work can take the time to help me out.
I have not found large numbers in KY at all this spring, and do not know if I
have missed them or if it is too early yet.

any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

Mark Deering
Michigan State University

deering3 at pilot.msu.edu


P.S. I am not looking for spots to collect these critters, I'm doing field
work. Non-injurous.

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