Threatened butterflies in Europe

De Vlinderstichting vlinders at
Wed May 28 05:39:00 EDT 1997

The Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France) asked Dutch Butterfly
Conservation in Wageningen to make a new
list of threatened butterflies in Europe.
Now I am looking for specialists all over Europe who have good
knowledge (or at least the best knowledge available) of the abundance
and trend of butterflies in their country. For the needs of this
report "Europe" comprises also Iceland, the Canary Islands, Madeira,
Azores, Cyprus, the whole of Turkey, Caucasus
states and Russia east to the Urals.

The work will have to be done during the
summer, but I don't think it will take much time. For each species we
want a rough indication for the trend and the present abundance.
Combined over the whole of Europe it might give new ideas of which
species are really threatened and which are not. Please let me know
who would like to cooperate or otherwise, could give me
an adres (I prefer email) of the person you think best capable of
doing it. I thank you in advance for all  trouble.

I look forward to hear from you soon,
Best wishes

Chris van Swaay
Dutch Butterfly Conservation
Email: vlinders at

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