Lysandra coridon x L. bellargus

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>A report of L. coridon (male) Chalkhill Blue, flying with L. bellargus
> Blue; on 14 .5.97 is highly unusual.
>Normally L. coridon flies in July/August in the UK and the rest of
Europe.  L.
> bellargus flies in May and again in August; so the two fly together in
> summer.
>It has been suggested that this early specimen was actually a hybrid
between the
> two closely related species.
>Does anyone have any knowledge of the probability that such a pairing
> produce viable offspring in the wild?
>Are there other examples of equally early Chalkhill (L. coridon) from
> else?
>Are there records of breeders managing to artificially pair the species
and then
> rear the progeny?
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According to my colleague B. Lalanne-Cassou, natural hybrids
between coridon and bellargus are common in populations from
southern French and Italian Alps. Hybrids may exist in Spain
between coridon and hispana (although difficult to identify).

I guess that nobody really studied the fertility of the offspring.

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