Leino Oli JUNKSTOPestoboy at sympatico.ca
Sat May 31 13:47:57 EDT 1997

This is going to be my first attempt at rearing cecropia this summer.
What is considered "overcrowding"?
For example;  I will be useing lilac for the larva, lets say about 18"-24" inch
branches.  For the first few instars I don't think I have to be too carefull
but if I put 5 catterpillars per branch,..is that too many? (In the 5th instar)
Please let me know for I'm trying to figure out how much square footage I'll be
taking up in our apt. (I'll be raising them indoors)
Thanx in advance,
Leino                 email me dirtect at 'estoboy at sympatico.ca'
Montreal, Canada

In article <9704308650.AA865032523 at SMTP.GTWY.LSC.ORG>, bfaber at LSC.ORG wrote:

>I am currently raising some cecropia moths. I have always read that they
>will never switch host plants once they start eating a particular food
>plant. Some of  them started feeding on poplar but all but 2 have now
>switched to apple. They are in their 2nd instar. Also it doesnt seem to
>matter which particular type of apple leaves are presented to them. They
>seem to switch easily from one type of apple leaf to another. Has anyone
>else every expierenced this type of behavior?  also I have read that they
>have a tendency to die when they go into their last instar when raised in
>captivity. anyone have any comments concerning this and how it could be
>prevented. thanks for your time.
>                                      Ted
>I kept Cecropia moths going for 5 years.  If you are lucky, keep them clean,
>don't over crowd you will get them through.  Have fun and good luck!
>betty faber
>bfaber at lsc.org

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