Phylogeny of Butterflies

Charles Nicholls cnicholl at
Thu Nov 6 07:27:46 EST 1997

Hi all, 

can anyone suggest  a 'complete source' with the
phylogenetic relationships of the families Satyridae, Pieridae,
Nymphalidae, and Lycaenidae to each other.  I have some literature,
but it omits the Satyridae.

I would also like someone to explain how and/or why Pieris napi,
P. rapae are called Artogeia napi.....etc.. Are they in a subspecies of
Pieris or are they in a new genus, and now distinct from Pieris
brassicae?  Or has no one working on P. brassicae followed suit and
used the new generic name? 

If they are a distinct group  from P. brassicae, does anyone know
how far distinct (barnch lengths etc) they are?


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