regulation of collecting in Spain???

Mark Walker mwalker at
Mon Nov 10 13:29:46 EST 1997

Stuart Roberts wrote (in response to Norbert Kondla's request for information):

> <some snippage here> I should imagine
> that US collectors would require full permits etc to satisfy the US
> government's regulations on importing material from overseas, but you would
> be in a better position to sort this out than me.

My understanding is that the U.S. only regulates according to the rules of the
exporting country, that is that they observe all regulations as defined by the
exporting country (regardless of how inappropriate they might be).  Other than
to protect internationally listed species in countries which do not provide
such protection, there are no special U.S. restrictions on the importing of
dead specimens.  Anyone else?

In other words, if Spain requires permits for collecting, then the U.S. F&W
port of entry inspector (should you run in to one) would expect you to possess
such permits.

Mark Walker.

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