French Guadalupa collecting regulation

Pierre Zagatti zagatti at
Thu Nov 13 03:37:41 EST 1997

fulvio wrote:
> Next December I'll spend my Xmas vacation in
> French Guadalupa.
> I was wondering if anyone had any information
> or know the current status of the regulation of
> butterfly collecting in Guadalupa and if anyone
> know lepidopterists or collectors living there.
> Grazie e ciao
> Fulvio Quinto

OK, I was just checking recent info.
There are no lepidoptera strictly protected by the French law in Guadeloupe.
One insect only is protected: the giant beetle Dynastes hercules hercules L.
("scieur de long"). This being, the central part of Basse Terre is now a
National Park, where all plant, animal and mineral collection are prohibited.

Permits may be obtained, which are based on academic and scientific
programmes only. They deal with one species or group of species
and are very difficult to get (this is the case for all French
National Parks).

There are also 4 natural reserves, where collection is prohibited
(Reserves du Grand-Cul-de sac marin, de Petite-Terre, Saint-Martin,

The best way for an entomologist in Guadeloupe is to buy a recent map
(prefer IGN maps) to have an idea of the park boundaries. The island
is not so large and it is everywhere possible to catch interesting species.

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