Insects respirometer

JanCzek janczek at
Sun Nov 16 15:32:16 EST 1997

Measuring Respiration of Yeast, Alaga, Bacteria, Insects, Reptiles.
We developed very sensitive O2/CO2 Respirometer which can monitor oxygen
consumption of bacteria or any substance (oxidation)  at the levels of 0.2 uL
 It was also  used to measure respiration of zebra mussels, water plants,
respiration of seed, insects, vegetables, olive fruits and cherries. It was
also used to test bacteria growth in fruit juices and bioremediation rate  of
oil spils ( Exxon Valdez). 1 to 80 samples can be tested simultaneously over
 minutes or months.
Optiona; sensor alow mesurements of CH4,H2S,NH3, H2,CO

If you are interested in receiving more information with published papers on
applications  drop me a note with your street address.
Jan Czekajewski
e-mail : janczek at

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