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Mike Soukup mikayak at
Thu Nov 20 09:34:22 EST 1997

Hi everybody.  I'm Mike, an amateur collector in Maryland.  I recently
moved into a new house, brought my collection (from Mom's!) and began
"updating" it.  While doing this, I found a moth that I can't ID.  Years
ago (15 maybe), while collecting in Florida, I caught a day-flying
wasp-type moth that LOOKS like it belongs in the Genus Syntomeida.  It
has a black body and all red wings. The wings also have a black stripe
along the outer margin.  It is a VERY distinctive moth.  My problem is
more lack of resources.  I only have Covell's  and Holland's books for
ID of Arctiids (anybody know if the "Moths of North America" series is
ever going to do Arctiidae?).  Looking at the checklist 
Mike Soukup
mikayak at
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