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Hi-  sorry about the double posting.  While I was typing the first one,
this P.O.S. Microsoft software (ie. Win95) not only SENT the message
before I was done typing (on it's own - no help from me), it also
deleted the Leps-L address from my address book.  As an aside, as a PC
programmer - Win 95 sucks.  But, that is not why I wrote this!

Hi everybody.  I'm Mike, an amateur collector in Maryland.  I recently
moved into a new house, brought my collection (from Mom's!) and began
"updating" it.  While doing this, I found a moth that I can't ID.  Years
ago (15 maybe), while collecting in Florida, I caught a day-flying
wasp-type moth that LOOKS like it belongs in the Genus Syntomeida.  It
has a black body and all red wings. The wings also have a black stripe
along the outer margin.  It is a VERY distinctive moth.  My problem is
more lack of resources.  I only have Covell's  and Holland's books for
ID of Arctiids (anybody know if the "Moths of North America" series is
ever going to do Arctiidae?).  Looking at the checklist, I am guessing
it to be S. hampsonii - because S. ipomoeae, and S. epilais are both in
covell, and becuase I would think S. melanthus (especially with the
subsp. albifasciata) - would imply something white or black.  Any
hints??? - Or, am I barking up the wrong family tree??  And, finally, is
there another book on Arctiidae I should be searching for???  I would
love more info on this sub-family - especialy in the Spilosoma genus.  I
have been rearing them to try to "figure out the different species" -
but it is a slow process that I'm sure someone else has already done!!

Thanks again

Thanks in advance!
Mike Soukup
mikayak at
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