usfws regulation question

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at
Sun Nov 23 10:31:36 EST 1997

Insects that you carry on your person (or in your luggage) are not
considered a shipment, and they may be carried freely as long as they
were legally obtained.  This exemption is in the code, but I don't have
time to look it up right now.

Good luck.


Norbert Kondla wrote:
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> i would welcome up to date simple english translation of what a canadian has
> to do to avoid breaking the law in the following situation: weekend trip by
> car across the border to collect non-protected insectsin a neighboring state.
> is it legal to bring the dead beasties back at any normal border crossing, is
> some kind of form needed from US customs and is there a difference in rules
> between scientists and those who study insects for fun. thx in advance for
> clarification
> Cheers,
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