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Mon Nov 24 04:28:29 EST 1997

I am planning a trip which will extend deep into the Brazilian Amazon Basin,
and I will be working with canopy butterfly/insect traps. The traps are not
killing traps but are merely bait traps in which the insects feed in. I will
primarily be performing capture/release related studies; however, I would
like to bring back to the U.S., a small number of specimens for further study
and use in lecturing and writing about butterflies in the Amazon Basin. 

If there are any Brazilian entomologists in need of certain specimens, and
there are a great variety of insects encountered in these bait traps, I would
be more than willing to obtain such specimens in exchange for being named on
a Brazilian Permit for such activities. I will also need assistance in
obtaining the proper export permits for a relatively small number of

As those who have spent time in the tropics know, there is a tremendous
amount of work, time and risk involved in working in remote parts of the
Amazon, and I would like to help out and contribute to the Brazilian
scientific community in anyway I can.

I am a member of several entomological societies and can provide references
from the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, California Academy of Sciences,
Harvard University's Entomology Department and the Smithsonian Museum of
Natural History.

So If you know of any Brazilian entomologists who could benefit from my
offering, please forward this letter on. I would be more than happy to write
it in Portuguese if necessary.


Jim Hanlon

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