More on Mr. T (bflying in parks)

Mark Walker mwalker at
Tue Sep 2 10:28:00 EDT 1997

I am in shock.  I'm glad I have already vented my frustration on this thread,
because this latest article (don't know if I can say thank you, James) is
extremely upsetting.

Excuse me, but how can this kind of crap be published?

When they find that NONE of the species collected are threatened, there will be
no update to this article.  I'll bet Mr. Teobaldelli's 200 butterflies couldn't
command the amount of money he needed to pay the National Park entrance fees. 
Based on this kind of hype, what collector will not attempt to hide his net?

If anyone smarter and more disciplined than I knows how I might address an
editorial to Mr. William Claiborne and the LA Times, please forward me the
info.  This really sucks.

Mark Walker

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