Spreading broads

Richard Lent rlent at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 2 09:53:58 EDT 1997

The upward angle keeps the wings from eventually drooping, which they often
do when set on a flat spreading board.

Rich Lent
Harvard Forest

Bruce Walsh <bruce_walsh at TIKAL.BIOSCI.ARIZONA.EDU> wrote in article
<n1339526169.1706 at tikal.biosci.arizona.edu>...
> What is the advantage to using spreading broads with slightly
> broads as opposed to flat broads?  When I use the normal
> broads, I often get butterflies that are set with their wings a a
> large upward angle (as opposed to having the wings set flat).  This is
> especially a problem with small species (less than 2cm).

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