Night collecting

Chris Conlan conlan at
Tue Sep 2 22:23:08 EDT 1997

After the full moon has occurred the moon will rise a little later each
night until the new moon.  With each night after the full moon the
collecting should get a little better (assuming the season is right).
Obstacles to the moon (clouds, eclipses, deep canyons) can help increase
the number of insects flying to the lights but it is often hard to beat a
moonless night at the peak of the season.  It is not completely worthless
to collect on a full moon (you will get some things, especially if it's
prime season) but in my experience there is a difference.  The chance that
the moon will get hidden is always there, especially in the tropics during
the rainy season.  I have had a few nights that were OK when the moon was
covered by rain clouds.  Heck, even the dull nights still beat sitting at
home watching TV!


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