Collection Debate

Bob Greback bgreback at
Wed Sep 3 16:20:53 EDT 1997

You guys in the U.K. must realize that the dynamics you are used to - such as 
living on an island in which habitat and the ability of a species to migrate 
is severely limited in a lot of the cases mentioned.  It seems a lot of the 
logic for some of the discussions comes with this baggage attached.  Although 
we might have a few similar situations of localized endangered species 
hampered by small geographic boundaries precipitated usually by availability 
of a food plant and not space, the VAST majority of butterfly species in the 
U.S. are NOT hampered by such problems.  Collecting these does not place any 
population pressure on the species.  

The distinction between our countries in this manner cannot be understated and 
needs to be addressed.

I collect, I love it, but as a law abiding citizen and conscientious collector 
I never do anything illegal, which in my humble opinion is the of the utmost 


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