Collecting Debate (again)

Dave Chesmore E.D.Chesmore at
Wed Sep 3 16:05:01 EDT 1997

I find it amazing that we have returned to the debate about collecting 
again.  I think this is the third time within 18 months. While I realise 
that people come and go on the list and some may have missed the 
earlier debates, I can assure you that the first debate (that I was 
aware of) became very acrimonious with a lot of bad language and 
character assasination.  I hope we don't get to the same point again.

It seems to me that collecting of non-endangered species has several 
important functions:

1.  It allows people to become familiar with species (children 
especially).  Reading a book is no substitute for seeing features in 

2.  It allows difficult species to be identified, particularly if genitalia 
need to be examined.

3.  Often, official county recorders will not accept sitings without 
voucher specimens.

There will always be people who cannot see the value in collecting 
and there will also be a small minority who deliberately collect 
without permits.

We must find ways of objectively putting collecting in perspective.

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