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> 	Neil Jones is quite correct when he says that park authorities
> will base their response on past cases--this is a major problem with
> bureaucracies. In my humble opinion, the majority of illegal collecting
> in National Parks in the U.S. was done by amateurs who were either ignorant
> of the laws, or (typical of many people) assumed that for one reason or
> another the laws don't really apply to them, or just didn't care. To respond
> to such cases with the assumption that international commercial poaching
> _must_ be involved, unless this is proven, amounts to overkill.

I think we have now at last heard an explantion of why they came down hard on 
this guy.

 I am
> reminded of the famous case where the gov't accused someone of 'stealing'
> a document 'worth' $80,000 by copying it to a computer--and it turned out
> the same document was for sale for under $20.

This was the case of Craig Neidorf who was prosecuted over a document which
covered the management of the 911 emergency telephone system. It was not
the government who valued the document at $80,000 but the telephone company
Bellcore and the same document was not available for under $20 dollars but
one that covered a different aspect of the 911 system was.

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