More on Mr. T (bflying in parks)

Mark Walker mwalker at
Thu Sep 4 14:03:10 EDT 1997

Eric Metzler wrote:

> Thank you Paul. I'm always impressed with how different things are when
> one has the facts.

I feel the same way about this as I do about finding out that Diana's driver
was drunk.  Guilty or not, there's something more ominous than a hot-headed,
hand-flailing, backed-into-a-corner bug-poaching conviction going on here. 
It's called a propagation of hype and misinformation - and it's infecting
otherwise sound-minded, rational people (including U.S.F.S and N.P.S.
personnel).  It's basis is presumptuous, self-righteous, and hypocritical. 
It's outward impact is felt primarily on the good-intentioned,
environmentally-friendly minority who are willing to endure the elements and
get up-close-and-personal to what the majority could really careless about.  It
does little to address the REAL issues associated with our diminishing natural

And it rains on my parade.

Mark Walker.

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