Mr. Teobaldelli incident

Mark Walker mwalker at
Fri Sep 5 10:14:00 EDT 1997

Oh boy, I just can't seem to shut up!!

> Surely the crux of the collectors arguement is that it is done for science
> for fun where as hunting and fishing are purely recreational.
> It only seems reasonable that you should need scientific permits for
> work.

Sorry, Neil, but I get nothing but pleasure from this hobby.  I can call myself
a scientist, if that makes you feel better, but I'm just an old fashioned bug
collector - the science of entomology's best friend!!!

> I disagree with the concept that insects are "lower animals". To me it is 
> an out dated concept deriving from the ideas that man is superior and more
> god-like. Certainly at least to my mind that concept was defeated as soon
> as Darwin arrived with his ideas on evolution in the same way as Copernicus
> defeated the notion that the earth was the centre of the universe.

So what you're saying is that the great and powerful mind of lowly man figured
out that he's not so great and powerful?  Then why don't we question the
conclusion that that not-so-great and powerful mind came to?  I suspect that,
if they could speak, the invertebrates would certainly have a thing or two to
say about our _ideas_ on evolution.
> Insects are as highly evolved as any other kind of animal on the planet.
> Amongst biologists should we regard entomologists as "lower scientists".
> I think not.

Well, if it has anything to do with crawling around on your hands and knees in
the muck and mire, then maybe the shoe does fit };>)

Mark Walker

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