Journey South Program

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Mon Sep 8 13:59:59 EDT 1997

Teachers and students still have a few weeks to participate in the 2nd
ever Journey South - a symbolic migration of paper monarch butterflies to
the Children's Museum in Mexico City. Next spring, the classrooms that
sent butterflies will receive the same number of paper butterflies back -
except that those they receive come from all over Canada, U.S. and
Mexico! Last year, school children in Canada and the United States sent
40,000 paper monarchs weighing 860 pounds to Mexico compliments of UPS.

Complete directions can be found at:,
and click on "Today's News". Other projects involve monitoring the
monarch migration, planting a tulip garden. Materials from the Journey
North Teacher's Guide will also be posted.

Don't delay! Monarchs must be first mailed to Minnesota and postmarked by
October 10th!

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

donald_davis at

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