Simon Coombes captain at mail.zynet.co.uk
Fri Sep 12 15:40:54 EDT 1997

Hi all

I've had a few bits of feedback about my website, some complimentary, but
more than one has been to correct spelling mistakes, mainly with the
scientific names. I always run my pages through Word's spell check so all
the usual words are picked up, this made me think why not produce a custom
dictionary to check all the latin names. So half an hour of cutting and
pasting later I produced one for European butterflies and one for US

I figure some of you may find them useful, if indeed you don't already use
such a thing, or possibly you remember spellings better than I do! I've put
them on my homepage, now with no spelling mistakes, so you can download
them (only about 8K each). The instructions are for Word 7 in Windows 95, I
don't know how other systems work but I'm sure they could be adapted.

Please feedback, if there are any spelling mistakes you notice within the
files, so I can update. Also if there are things that need adding, or
perhaps someone would like one for another area? All I need is a check-list
and it's easy from there. It would be nice if it checked emails too, mine
doesn't as yet.

Hope someone finds these of use

Simon Coombes
3 Valletort Place
Pl1 3SP
01752 260633

E-mail  Captain at mail.zynet.co.uk

Some European butterfly pictures
Currently 10 images, an account of the butterflies of Tenerife, and a small
section for NW France.

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