solicit information

Mon Sep 15 20:22:16 EDT 1997

>> My name is Allan González Herrera, I am a student at the Faculty of
>> Agronomy  and collaborator at the Museum of Insects of de University of
>> Costa Rica and National Institute of Biodiversity (InBio). My research
>> interest include butterflies and moths, specially in relation to
>> pests of  cultivated plants and the use of parasitic diptera and
>> hymenoptera to control them. The reason for this
>> letter is to ask you to send me by mail o e-mail some information about
>> Omiodes  indicata (Crambidae), economic important pest in Phaseolus 
>> vulgaris in the country. I would really appreciate your help. 
>> My mail is:  Ing. Allan González Herrera
>> 	      Birrí, Sta. Bárbara de Heredia
>> 	      150 m. norte de pulp. "El Buen Precio"
>> 	      Central America, Costa Rica.


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