Tersa Sphinx

Ted Ryznar tryznar at mail.cosmosbbs.com
Wed Sep 17 06:58:24 EDT 1997

I caught a Tersa sphinx(Xylophanes tersa) at the light last night. Is
anyone familiar with their host plants? Covells book states Manettia
species, smooth buttonplant and starclusters. I have not been able to find
any reference to these in the plant books that I have available. I live in
Northwestern Pa and have never seen or heard of any of the listed host
plants. I think the 4- wheelers killed them all(just kidding). Any other
known host plants? Are these very common in other areas? Also , although it
is probably a male is there an easy way to tell the sex of these sphinx.
The body is very long and slender coming down to a point. Thanks in
advance. A very beautiful moth.
                                      Ted Ryznar
                                      tryznar at mail.cosmosbbs.com

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