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> >> I may be one of the last to make this "discovery," but I found a source
> >> of pictures of various species on the web:
> >>
> >> [6]
> >>
> >> I didn't explore enough to know how complete the collection is.
> >
> >This seems to have been changed already, but it can be accessed via:
> >[7]
> >Then selecting Lepidoptera and Images.
> It hasn't changed since the day a couple of years ago when I installed the
> document. The document exists at:
> Just as it always has. ;-> is at:

Notice that it is "lep_underscore_images.html", not

Computers are picky beasts but I wouldn't want to go back to living
without them.  The images are beautiful.  Thank you for sharing them
with the world.

Enjoy your weekend! I spent my day gardening for butterflies (&
caterpillars)  at a university and an elementary school.  

Cynthia Cain
Alexandria, Kentucky, USA
cain at

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