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Doug Yanega dyanega at mono.icb.ufmg.br
Sat Sep 20 11:23:19 EDT 1997

>I know you anti-collectors are pleased by this, but it's really very sad for
>me.  I'd love to travel to Brazil and do some collecting.  Common stuff,
>really!  But they don't give permits to people like me - I guess I just don't
>kill enough bugs to warrant a _permit_.

That is not the criterion, and you know it. Quite honestly, all that Brazil
really requires for permits, as far as I can see, is that you have a
scientific reason for collecting, and that you agree to deposit any primary
types in a Brazilian institution. This is not anti-collecting policy, it's
anti-COMMERCIAL collecting policy, and anti-EXPLOITATION policy. Imagine
how the Brazilian researchers feel when they host visiting scientists, help
them obtain material, and then find out 5 years later that there were a
dozen new species described from that material, deposited in a foreign
collection, and they didn't even get so much as a *reprint* from the person
they helped. It *has* happened, and more than once. Doesn't happen as often
as it used to, though, that much is true.

>Listen, folks,
>please STOP buying rare bugs.  If the market goes away, then maybe the world
>will stop having this senseless fit.

I'm with you all the way on this, for sure. I've never bought or sold an
insect, and never will - the only possible exception is something *farmed*
for sale, but personally I don't anticipate such a need or desire, anyway.

Well, I now await the inevitable "receipt of e-mail notification" from
"simone" - I'm sure everyone on the list LOVES receiving
automatically-generated junk mail like I do. ;-)


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