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Mon Sep 22 11:04:51 EDT 1997

Could anyone help this gentleman? His e-mail address is at the end of his


Chuck Vaughn  <aa6g at>


>Can you identify the moth (and I do 
>believe it's a moth rather than a butterfly) from the following 
>First and foremost, it is literally bubblegum pink and pale yellow, which 
>appear in a rather diagonally striped or chevron pattern, with pink being 
>the predominant color.  Its length is approximately 1 1/4" and, with 
>wings folded (which is the only way I've ever seen it) the width is about 
>3/4".  It has pink antennae.  No, I am not hallucinating as others have 
>suggested.  I live in a wooded area of Southern Indiana and have seen 
>this type of moth only twice, one day each spring for the last two years. 
> Strangely enough, both times it has appeared on my screen door in June, 
>where it rests during the entire day and then disappears.  I could never 
>bring myself to kill it, so I have no specimen to drag around to show to 
>experts.  I have searched a number of books and can find nothing even 
>close to these beautiful colors.  I would be most appreciative of any 
>information you might share with me.
>Thank you.
>Andy Ireland
>aireland at 

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