Voucher specimens

Chris Raper triocomp at dial.pipex.com
Mon Sep 22 15:09:59 EDT 1997

On Mon, 22 Sep 97 09:11:33 GMT, apktorry at csm.ex.ac.uk (A.P.K.Torry)

>In the space of a few months the Spanish government banned all collecting of
>insects in Spain and then followed this by permitting the destruction of the
>only European mainland colony of Monarch with the bulldozing of the Torrox

Par for the course

>What's the point in stopping people collecting Brazilian butterflies and
>moths while at the same time destroying huge tracts of rain-forest for the
>sake of feeding an over-expanded population.

Well, it might be cynical of me to say it BUT without population
monitoring the government of any country can destroy what it likes.
After the distruction it can either claim ignorance or ask people to
prove the land was of high value - knowing that no proof exists
because they banned people from taking the data.

Chris R.

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