Phoebis sennae

John V. Calhoun bretcal at
Thu Sep 25 17:19:28 EDT 1997

Pavulaan at wrote:
> Here in the western suburbs of Washington D.C. we have experienced a
> relatively "major" flight of Phoebis sennae

I recently returned from a trip to the Florida Panhandle where I saw 
literally thousands of sennae--everywhere.  They were coating flowers.  
In some cases, as manny as four were clustered on a single thistle 
bloom.  I have never experienced such a flight of this species. My car 
windshield is still covered with what is left of many adults of sennae 
and A. vanillae which is also extremely common there now.  In some 
cases, it looked like large, yellow snow was falling along the roadsides 
in Wakulla, Liberty and Calhoun Counties.  A very impressive experience.


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