field report: Hemileuca hunt

James J. Kruse kruse at
Wed Sep 24 14:45:53 EDT 1997

> A different subject on leps-L (how come we don't get anymore field reports?):

Yes!  I love to get them, but haven't been writing them.  Here goes...

01 Sep 97
CA: Sonoma County, Grizzley Island
	Hemileuca eglanterina (in large numbers)

05 Sep 97
NV: 20 mi W of Las Vegas
	Hemileuca neumoegeni
	H. burnsi
	(also some Aracnis picta - Arctiid)

06 Sep 97
AZ: Coconino Co, at Bitter Springs
	Hemileuca griffini

06 Sep 97
AZ: 10 mi S. of Fredonia
	Hemileuca hera

06 Sep 97
UT: Washington Co, at Leeds
	Hemileuca neumoegeni

weekend of 05-07 Sep logged 2000 miles by car... uff.

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