Monarch transfers and releases (fwd)

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sat Sep 27 08:48:41 EDT 1997

Neil Jones wrote:
> semjase at writes:
> > This just sounds like just so much sour grapes and killjoy attitude to me.
> >  With an attitude like the one expressed nobody could ever do anything.
> > Sorry but you can't control the world Neil
> >
> > S.
> The use of the word "killjoy" is very interesting. This monarch release
> was not supposed to have been done for pleasure but for science.
> My view is that it is wrong and was a publicity stunt. Many eminent
> scientists are oposed to this kind of thing.
> There are many people who enjoy helping in studying the monarch migration.
> Their work is being ruined. Their joy is being killed too.
> --
> Neil Jones- Neil at In the face of Bob Flanders' and Bob Pyle's protests, I withdraw my 
light-hearted suggestion that we all join Hans Schnauber's 
"international" bug club. (I hoped we could outnumber him.)
I'd advise his panel of experts to get their names off his list, too. 
Surely they wouldn't want people to think that his bizarre version of 
"science" was their idea.  
Thanks, Neil, for keeping us up to date on Hans' exploits.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida

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