Monarch transfers and releases

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Sat Sep 27 14:58:12 EDT 1997

>This just sounds like just so much sour grapes and killjoy attitude to me.

	Sorry, Semjase--but some joys (like those of committing vandalism)
are better killed.

	It used to be possible in Alaska to record the occasional occurrence
of the Painted Lady (_Vanessa cardui_) and Red Admiral (_V. atalanta) in
years when these species had an especially energetic dispersal flight. It
is still possible to do this with the Red Admiral, but since many of the
grade schools in the state began rearing (and releasing outdoors) Painted
Ladies it is no longer possible to detect the occasional migrant.

	The idea of releasing large numbers of non-local butterflies as a
public spectacle, to improve public interest in butterflies, is an idea
that is better condemned than practised.

	(And now I'm on record as agreeing with Neil Jones. Will wonders
never cease?  :-) )

							Ken Philip
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