what are regal eclosion cues?

lday at iquest.net lday at iquest.net
Sat Sep 27 23:47:40 EDT 1997

The regal and imperial moths pupate underground, then in midsummer they
come out as moths.  (_Citheronia regalis, Eacles imperialis_.)

Does anyone know how the moth knows when to "eclose"?  

The pupa is way underground, where the temp is fairly constant, and 
there's no light, and there doesn't seem to be any *consistent* 
moisture regime here in Indy or in most of the eastern US where they live.
There is a window of maybe (guessing here) 4-6 weeks when they fly; if they
miss that, they won't mate.  

I don't have any important reason for wanting to know, it's just bugging me.

Liz Day

LDAY at iquest.net 
Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA, 40 N latitude, zone 5.
Home of "Fred", the oldest living regal moth pupa.

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