On anti-commercial bias

Ed Rooney trdrelmNOSPAMNO at ma.ultranet.com
Tue Sep 30 21:09:03 EDT 1997

In article <342E8CD9.1012 at gate.net>, viceroy at GATE.NET wrote:

> OK, guys, we have a problem here. And the problem is that Ed has
> innocently reposted a letter, truncated, that we haven't all  seen.
> This has happened because they've changed the Leps list so that replies
> to postings go to the perpetrator; not to the list.
> I hate to think how many messages we will get once people figure this
> out, particularly with the amount of acrimony floating around.
>  Under the old order, we'd all have seen Tim's letter, and we wouldn't
> care to see his arguments again.


>> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

      I'm so confused,  If I reply to something on this NG the originator
gets it instead of the group and then the originator has to post the
replys?  The destination header on my newsreader has this aimed at the
group, not the individual.  How does this work?  And wasn't I replying to
something I already found on the list?

      Ed Rooney

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

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