Monarch transfers and releases (fwd)

Andrea Knebel knebel at
Mon Sep 29 05:42:02 EDT 1997

Hi all,

Harry Pavulaan wrote

<Some people are forgetting that the average public knows or cares  
<about Monarchs or LOWER organisms.  Events like Monarch releases are  
<to spur public awareness and action.

If this would be so it would have at least one advantage. not that I  
agree on it at all to do it. But I even doubt that Monarch releases  
are done for that reason. I just read an German "Vogue" from summer  
1997 and they wrote: "... instead of bits of paper thrown in the air  
for events now it is fashionable to release butterflies ..." followed  
by an address. I think this is very sad and I guess companies that  
sell monarch for that are only interested in money making and the  
people who order it are only interested in being hip/in... :(


University Bielefeld,

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