Butterfly releases

JONATHAN M TIMKO 366-5124 JONATHAN.M.TIMKO at usa.dupont.com
Mon Sep 29 07:23:57 EDT 1997

There's much discussion going on but I don't see much more 
opinions. Is there some actual data around proving that 
responsible butterfly releases are detrimental? Seems to me this 
would be a good thing to have in a scientific discussion. It 
would also be a good thing for the government to have before it 
decides to regulate. 

With all the discussion going on this subject appears to be a 
great one for a thesis (has it been done?)! It would be nice to 
see the subject approached in an objective way.    

I AM glad there is some healthy debate going on concerning the 
subject. Discussion is good. I hope it won't degenerate.

Jon Timko

"Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not represent any 
other organization or individual" 

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