On anti-commercial bias

Mark Walker mwalker at aisvt.bfg.com
Mon Sep 29 19:04:25 EDT 1997

I didn't get the original of this message either, and like Liz, would like to
make a brief (I promise) comment.

Lately, I have been quite guilty of propagating the _anti-commercialization_
sentiment somewhat generally.  At the same time, I complain about similar
propaganda which is targeted against collecting.  I apologize, as there are
certainly many exceptions to this blanket philosophy (Liz documents something
about the Atlas moth, of which I am unaware).  Actually, to some extent, I was
patronizing those who don't share my views (another trait that I don't care
much for).

But here is where logic and the act of being reasonable fail to sway me.  CITES
would not exist if it were not for the existing (and often illegal) markets for
exotic birds, reptiles, plants, jaguar parts, rhino parts, etc. etc. etc.  I
suppose the same is true for Morpho's and Birdwings.  It is the support of this
type of activity which will ultimately be the demise of my passion.  It's kind
of like the Atlas moth - eventually it consumes it's host plant.  We who
collect must not let this happen!  For the sake of the hunted and the hunter.

Mark Walker.

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