Mark Walker mwalker at
Mon Sep 29 19:34:18 EDT 1997

James Adams wrote:

>     The modern age of human transportation has, by its very nature, 
> muddied the picture of natural ranges/movements of an incredible 
> number of species (including humans).  I would hate to be an 
> archaeologist of another species hundreds of thousands of years from 
> now trying to put together clear pictures of natural ranges of 
> species.  Lets hope our informational resources last a long time!!

On the other hand, there is always the point of view that suggests that we are
but another in a long history of natural catastrophic pressures that the planet
has had to deal with.  The end result is muddied by yesterday's point of view,
but new and different from tomorrow's.

Ooooh.  Now THAT should stimulate discussion...

Mark Walker.

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