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Mon Sep 29 23:18:00 EDT 1997

With reference to my earlier contribution of Sept 24:

>Anybody would agree that such a place is not suitable to store types. 
>duplicates could be deposited there, to be shown to schoolkids etc. I would
>suggest, however, to keep types in appropriately equipped musea in well
>accessible places under condition that the place is really accessible for
>everybody, including amateurs.....

and reaction to that by Doug Yanega, I want to clarify that I did not mean to 
give you the impression that each museum in the tropics is like that. I meant 
that in the tropics the care for collections is much more difficult than in a 
temperate climate. There is a large number of musea in the tropics where you 
can deposit specimen and be sure that they are kept in good shape. The 
example I referred to was from a country where the few collectors going 
there, were asked to leave duplicates of what they had collected at that 
museum. The main visitors of the museum were schoolkids who only wanted to 
see some flashy examples of the Insecta.

The last remark was about the requirement to show a museum you are affiliated 
to some entomological organization before you can access the collections, 
which for me as agricultural entomologist is often difficult. Another point 
is the bench charge some musea ask if you want to work there. That sometimes 
is the only way to see the collection if they do not want to lend you their 
material or to let it out of the building.

I hope to have put things in the correct light now.

Ernst Neering

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