Banana Developments (It, arrived)

Graham Dixon Troubleatmill at
Tue Sep 30 05:11:58 EDT 1997

A month or so ago, I posted an item regarding a cocoon on my bananas.
This morning, a moth has emerged.
Description below:
Suggestions welcome.

First of all the cocoon (Which I had taken to be an egg) was attached to a
banana. I was oval in shape. 20mm long, 10mm dia.

The moth

First thing that struck me was the thick hairy leg,
Colour - wings dark brown/black with a metalic sheen (like coal)
Two yellow spots on each wing (one at the orbicular stigma position, the
other at (approx) the apex of the apical streak. Spots 1mm dia

Length of wing (from shoulder to apex) 22mm

Antenae - un-feathered curving back (approx 8mm long)

Legs are almost spider-like with dense hair covering the full length.

Body black/brown - rear segment -yellow

Thanks, in anticipation, for your help in identifying this specemin.

Graham Dixon

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