Monarchs in New Zealand?

Pierre Zagatti zagatti at
Tue Apr 14 04:41:38 EDT 1998

Andrew Mitchell wrote:
> >>Can anyone tell me (1) are monarchs known to be in the southern
> >>hemisphere, and (2) what are their migration patterns?
> >
> Then there's the African Monarch (Danaus chrysippus) which looks very
> similar (to me anyway). It ranges from the Mediterranean to the southern
> tip of Africa, and from western Africa through to Asia.  I haven't seen
> anything about migration in this species though.  Has anyone else?
> Andrew Mitchell

The African Monarch does not really migrate, as the American Monarch,
but it is extending northward. Due (?) to the evolution of climate,
some vagrant specimens are frequently seen in north mediterranean
countries and established permanent colonies in Spain, Italy and the
French Riviera.
The presence of Asclepiadaceae (esp. A. curassavica) in gardens may
provide food resource (eggs and larvae were observed for the first
time in France last year).

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