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Tue Apr 14 05:17:58 EDT 1998

BTW,  the single European species of Charaxinae (C. jasius)  is also very 
partial to BANANAS.

Last year whilst on holiday in the COSTA BRAVA (Catalonia) I perchased a 
couple of pounds of very very ripe bananas from the local supermarket and 
took the said smelly purchase into the countryside behind LLoret de Mar, 
along a dusty cart track (which I gather the locals call a road). I placed a 
few of the bananas on the side of the road roughly every 200 yds and carried 
on walking for about 2 miles or so.
Being an Englishman (as opposed to a MAD DOG) it was by now MIDDAY and HOT, 
so I turned to travel home back along the road, to my surprise at 4 out of 
the 5 'baitings' there was at least 1 C.jasius feeding with 4 at one 
particular site which I had deliberately 'laid' at the base of a very large 
patch of 'Arbutus' trees.

Rather than take any specimens, I decided to take 1 female and keep here in 
a netted cylinder cage in the apartment and keep here fed with banana.
The female obviously appreciated the conditions and, fed on bananas, 
rewarded my patience with some 40 ova which I had the greatest pleasure in 
breeding up over last summer.

Andrew T

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