Anthocharis midea Question

Burnetted Burnetted at
Fri Apr 17 15:46:49 EDT 1998

I looked for and found Falcate Orangetips (Anthocharis midea) the last two
days, 4/15 and 4/16, at my most reliable colony behind campus here in Guilford
Co. in the western Piedmont of North Carolina.  I saw only two each day.

On 4/15 both individuals clearly were males.   (I was interested to see one
nectaring on wild strawberry blossoms.)  Of the two seen on 4/16, one was
male, and I thought the other was a female because no orange was showing on
the wingtips.  I followed "her" around for quite awhile, trying to make a
photograph.  When it finally settled long enough for me to get close, I could
see a few scattered orange scales on the tips of each wing.  (It flew before I
could get a photo.)  The white scales seemed intact, and there was no other
indication that orange scales had been rubbed off.

Does anyone know whether some females have orange on the wingtips?

Dennis Burnette
Greensboro, NC
burnetted at

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