Butterfly video wanted

Tom Coffee tom at mcalpin.net
Wed Apr 29 16:18:34 EDT 1998

I am currently developing a interactive multimedia piece for the Chicago
Academy of Sciences entitled "Butterflies of the Midwest"  We are
looking for some video tape of  butterflies of any kind to include in
this interactive.  A few of things we are looking for in particular
would be butterflies in flight, various stages of the lifecycle, and
physical characteristics particular to midwestern butterflies and moths.
The software will be running on a computer permanently installed in the
new Nature Museum opening at the beginning of next year, as well as sold
in the gift shop at the new museum on cd-rom. I cannot speak for the
museum as for compensation, but  I will put you in touch with the
persons responsible for such. Also, credit will be given in the
interactive for any images or video we end up using. If you have
anything you think would be of interest, please contact me soon, we are
entering the latter stages of the project.

Note: We are only interested in video that you personally have taken,
since we will have to secure the rights for distribution.

Tom Coffee
McAlpin Group Media Arts
mailto:tom at mcalpin.net

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