Field Guide to Moths: RIP

Mark Walker mwalker at
Sat Aug 1 13:49:45 EDT 1998

>It's GOING OUT OF PRINT??!!!   So how are people supposed to learn moths
>now?  Houghton Mifflin really thinks that nobody in the next 20 years is
>gonna want a moth guide?  Sheesh, they have guides to mushrooms and boring
>things like that.  Who do I bitch to?

Sheesh, I haven't been able to locate it for over 6 months now.  I was sort
of hoping that BioQuip would have back ordered it.  I hate it when this
happens, cuz I don't like the thought of paying for it as if it were a
collectors item (Oh, it's already a collectors item, isn't it?).

Anyone got an extra copy they wanna sell?

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