Collecting Permit Ideas

Mark Walker mwalker at
Sun Aug 16 17:10:41 EDT 1998

Doug Yanega wrote:

>        What would *I* suggest? That Brazilians go into the business of
>farming and selling their own natural resources, instead of trying to
>negotiate fair ways to let outsiders come in and take what they want. When
>you arrive at your jungle lodge, then, the butterflies are already caught,
>mounted, labelled, and for sale (at a fraction of the international market
>price), and all you can do outdoors is take pictures of them, and go on the
>guided tours of the little shop where the lodge employees take the
>butterflies THEY catch, to mount and label them for sale. When you leave,
>you have a bill of sale for every specimen you take with you. That is also
>a win-win scenario, involves no permitting process at all, AND reduces the
>incentive for poaching. Any serious objections?

Yuck!  I guess I know now for sure that it's not just looking at the
butterflies that compels me.  It's the trek, the adventure.  Maybe I'm just
a spoiled little brat wanting to play Indiana Jones, but this doesn't work
for me.

What bothers me more is that since this would discourage me, it is perceived
by many to be a great solution (because I am perceived to be part of the
problem).  This is the notion I wish to neutralize, for it is simply not

Can someone tell me just exactly who it was that gave collecting such a bad
name?  Was it Linnaeus? Scudder?  How about Fabricius?   Edwards?
Boisduval?  Reakirt?  Felder (or maybe Felder?)?

I just don't get it.

Mark Walker.

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