Butterflies of Canada - hard to buy?

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Sun Aug 16 22:43:36 EDT 1998

I know I am not answering your question, but just for the record - I
ordered the book directly from the school (if I recall correctly), and
it arrived 3-4 weeks later.  I like the book.

Mark Walker
(remotely logging in from Boulder, CO)

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> I'va had a copy of the new "Butterflies of Canada" on order since late
> December, 1997, and it has yet to arrive. The problem may be that I
> placed
> the order through a small independent bookseller. It has been on the
> shelves at "Chapters", a huge chain dealer, since the spring, but I'm
> not
> interested in buying anything from them.
> I would be interested to know if other Canadians have had notable
> success
> (or difficulty) buying this book through an independent bookseller.
> Peter Payzant
> Halifax, NS

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