Has Anyone Seen Monarch Butterflies?

Kenneth Quinn mosasaur at worldnet.att.net
Sat Aug 1 10:43:52 EDT 1998

Donald A. Davis <donald.davis at utoronto.ca> wrote in article
<35BB8D2A.49EE at utoronto.ca>...
> Reports from across eastern North America indicate that few monarch
> butterflies are being seen and few eggs and larva being found on
> milkweed. Alternately, there are reports of high numbers in California.
> This is being validated by low counts reported on the 4th of July
> butterfly counts.
> Has anyone noted, over the past few weeks, seeing monarchs for the first
> time or an increase in the numbers seen?  Any monarch "hot spots"?

I have a bumper crop of monarch larvae nearing pupa stage.  This is quite
unusual - usually I see few or no larvae this time of year.

Kenneth Quinn
New Orleans

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