Finding Papilio rutulus Larva

Semjase semjase at
Tue Aug 4 15:23:21 EDT 1998

>In pursuit of a Papilio rutulus (Tiger Swallowtail)larva (ova), I think it
>would be easiest to capture a female and let her lay the eggs. Are there any
>major differences in daily flight behavior between the males and the
>females? The rutulus appear to patrol up and down the canyon passes, near
>streams and sycamores at about 7 feet to 20 feet high. Is most of this
>patrolling type behavior males looking for females? If so, what are the
>females doing? Also, is hilltopping primarily male oriented with the group
>waiting for that one passing by female?.
>What is the main visual distinguishing feature of the female rutulus?
>Assuming a female is caught, how should she be handled. Placed in a brown
>paper bag for 1 hour? In a cage with sycamore and lights on above?
>Jim Hanlon

Hi Jim.

She should be put in a lighted cage with los of the known food plant. She will
begin to lay the second day and be sure she is fed.  If your lucky the eggs
will be fertile.  After 4 or five days or sooner if you have enough eggs she
should be returned to the wild.



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